5 Quick Edu-Tech tips

The beginning of school brings the repetitive syllabus portion about use of technology within the class. Almost all professors at Meredith College are accepting to the idea of using technology in their class as long as it is related to their class. Despite that technology can be a hindrance to effective  learning, it can offer incredible productivity to your education too. Here are 5 tips on how to use technology education-wise (You might know some of these already and this would just be a reminder for you).

1. Blackboard

Blackboard is the main – and we repeat, main – site for your college education. Grades, course content, course announcements and more are posted on Blackboard by Meredith Professors; some professors even require assignments to be turned in on Blackboard. Therefore, it is very important to have and keep up with your Blackboard site.

Access the Meredith Blackboard here.

2. Use Google Calendar to keep track of everything.

Google Calendar has helpful features to keep track of due dates, major assignments, exams, athletics practice, time to work, time to eat, the list is endless. Use the Reminders, Goals, and Events features to keep track of these and to organize the crazy college life.

Access the Google Calendar here.

3. Use PowerPoint

As mentioned before, most professors use Blackboard as a resource to keep the students up to date with the course content, and this includes posting lectures online via PowerPoint. Some PowerPoint slides are posted online by professors before the class. Check for the PowerPoint slide the night or morning before class and briefly browse through it to get a summary and good idea of what you will learn. This is a good way to reduce confusion when the professor introduces new topics and concepts – not downsizing the importance of reading ahead too.

How to download Microsoft 365 (with Powerpoint):

  • Sign in to MyMeredith/Blackbaord
  • Select MCTech from the Tabs
  • Select Microsoft Office 365 (listed under Campus Software – left side of screen)
  • All sign-up directions, link to get started, and 0365 information is located here.

4. Record The Class

Having a class does not disregard that life keeps going on; there’s that grocery list, Netflix show, and major exam to remember while you’re at it and it’s bound to make you zone out of class for a few minutes while the professor continues to give key notes. Recording the class and then listening it to it later when studying is an effective way to ensure that you receive all the key points necessary for the class – and a good resource to turn back to when your notes seem confusing.

5. Group Chat Applications

Some professors assign group work and you will have this anyway; however, some don’t but it’s still a useful resource. Make a group chat of some classmates and use this to collaborate together in your academics: discuss complex concepts, offer different perspectives and opinions towards a topic, arrange study dates, revise and test each other etc. This is also a good way to make some good friends.


Use more Edu-Tech ideas and be creative with this resource Angels!


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