Crunch time

With only 3 days of classes left, and two weeks in wonderland, we thought we’d help y’all out. Below you will find links to study websites, tips, tricks, and a full calendar of the upcoming Meredith events! Check them out and let us know what you think.

Websites:  This website is great for finding book summaries, study guides, essay help, and it has an online tutor! This website is great for quizzing yourself before the big final! It has games, flashcards, and so much more! Never waste time making your own flashcards again with this website. Students and teachers can upload their own flashcards and you can find them to use!


Turn the notifications off on your phone apps so you still get important messages but don’t get an update every time someone posts!

Set timers when you study. 30 minutes studying, 10 minutes playing. It’ll keep you on track, and stop you from staring at the clock.

Don’t study in your room. You will probably end up on your bed and that will end up in a nap. It also isn’t good to study where you sleep because your mind will associate your bed with work, this will make it harder to fall asleep.

Only bring what you need. No need for distractions.

Meredith Events:

April 26th – Fire and Water (for freshmen) @6:30

April 27th – Last Day of Classes

April 27th – Pancakes @ ll

April 28th – Reading day

April 29th-May 5th – Exams

May 6th – Class day (for sophomores and seniors)

May 7th – Commencement



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