Celebrate Earth day With Technology

As we celebrate Earth Day today, here are some apps that can help you reduce our carbon footprints, waste and just be mindful of our actions towards our environment.


This is an app that tracks your carbon footprint by giving a carbon value of everything you buy, do and even eat. It allows its users to sync purchases recorded by the app Mint.com, to gather information such as spending on groceries, or monthly utility bills. Oroeco can estimate the monthly carbon footprint based on these purchases. It also allows user to compare consumptions and carbon footprints to that of your friends and families through Facebook.


According to the paperless project, the average person in the United States uses more than 700 pounds of paper every year. With this app, it becomes easy to cut down on water waste, it allows you to take control of unwanted paper mail by simply taking a photo of the mail and PaperKarma will find out what the mail is though the database of the company and how to stop it.


The apps tracks a user’s carbon footprint as they travel. When a new trip is started, it will automatically calculates a timeline of the carbon usage. As the end users can “offset” the carbon by supporting sustainable projects of the user’s choice.


This app allows its users to find safe, healthy, green and socially responsible products based on ratings. The app has rating of over 210,000 products with their manufacturing companies. Based on a rate scale of 0 – 10, products are rated on their health, environmental and social impacts.

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