LinkedIn for Students

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals mainly used for professional networking with over 400 million users worldwide. However the company has noticed that while it is very popular, it is not that much with young college students.

On Monday April 18th “LinkedIn Students” a new app was launched by the company. It is catered for students to help with job opportunities and internships in their respective fields of study.  It is a currently available for free in the USA for iOS and Android.

Screenshots of the on-boarding process for the LinkedIn Students iOS app.

The interesting twist is the way the app is designed with the concept of Tinder, the dating app where users swipe left for no and right for yes. The same with this new app, students can swipe whichever way they wish for an internship or job posting. The app will also show alumni of the student’s college who are in the field or job they are interested in.

linkedin students

LinkedIn had been trying to appeal to the younger generations even allowing users to be able to send emoji, GIFs or stickers through messages to make it more appealing like other social media sites. They hope that with this new app they will encourage more college students to become more interested in professional networking which may hopefully lead to success in their desired field.


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