Take A Break with a Detox

As college students we rely heavily on our phones, whether it be for social media, directions, music or even just general information. However with social media it can very much affect your concentration when it’s time to actually do work and be progressive.

With AppDetox, a free android app that lets you be in control of your life and get back into the real world. AppDetox lets you set blockage times for induvial apps, where you can restrict certain apps from being opened on certain times of the day, set a time limit for certain apps or even limit the number of times the app can be opened in a day.

Every time you try to use one of your restricted apps, AppDetox gives a friendly reminder you that it is one of the apps that was restricted and that you need a break from it.


If you find yourself in need of control against your apps or you need to really check that other facebook post after so many hours on facebook, or you just need to get another form of social life, try giving AppDetox a try.


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