Reasons to Study in the Morning

We know that a lot of our blogs lately have been about Midterms and Finals, but lets all me honest, at this time of the year, try as we might, that is all was can think about. Studying is something that we can easily procrastinate. No matter what class, if it’s not urgent than we don’t need to do it now. While classes will soon be over (11 days) and the start of finals actually upon us, it is time to get a schedule together. As you write down when and where you are going to study we suggest to you the late night study sessions and opt to get up and grained in the morning. Here’s why:


You are mentally ready: After a long day of work, or just netflix, the last thing your brain needs is too study. It is fatigued and needs to rest. Studying in the morning helps you retain more information because your brain is refreshed and ready to expand; it isn’t tired and therefore has better focus and retention. Plus how relaxing does it sound to sit in a comfy chair with your morning brew, and a sweet blanket with the morning sun peeking through the blinds, as opposed to a hard, dark, library.

You aren’t stressed out yet: When studying at night, you can’t stop yourself from looking at the clock. It’s stressful to see how late is and how much more work you have. If you kick your day off with the studying it’s less stressful. You have the whole day to get the pile done, and if that makes you lose motivation, just make little goals for yourself. Study for 1 hour, watch 1 netflix show, this helps give your mind a rest also.

Your body is rested and it’s ready to go: Think about how tired it is to fight off sleep. After a long, late night, your hand hurts from writing, your neck is sore from holding your head up, you butt may have fallen asleep a few times. Your body is begging for your comfortable bed, that makes you think more about your bed then the material you are studying. When your body is rested you can spend the time you used to use rubbing your hands and neck to study one more section.

Also, people aren’t posting on social media in the morning so you can put that phone down and not have FOMO (Fear of missing out)

We hope this y’all get off to a good start with finals. Leave comments below if you have any tips or tricks for studying.

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