Never Do Laundry Again!!!

Imagine life without the long and tiresome task of doing laundry. By just simply standing outside in the sunlight or under a bright light, you can instantly clean your clothes.

Scientist at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia are working on creating tiny metal structures on fabrics that can get rid of dust and dirt when exposed to sunlight. The fabric which can be cotton, nylon or polyester, is immersed in a special solution that covers it with microscopic copper and silver particles. When it heats up the, organic matter on the fabric is broken down.

In the past Ancient Greeks and Romans where known to put their silver coins in water so as to protect them from bacteria growth.

The scientist hope that textiles companies will invest in the solution being produced to treat fabrics as they are made. This could be very beneficial to consumers as it will greatly reduce water and energy usage saving some of the precious natural resources we have. It may also save us time by eliminating the task of actually doing laundry.

There is still more research to be done and this does not mean we should get rid of our washing machines, it simply means that we are a step closer with the help of science and technology to a world of no laundry.

What do you think? Will you embrace this new idea or should we just stick with the traditional way of cleaning.




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