Delivery by Drone

Drones have become very popular in recent years; they have been being used for a variety of reason, for example taking pictures, helping farmers keep track of their fields, protecting wildlife, search and rescue operations, and now home deliveries.

Amazon recently announced plans to have packages delivered straight to customer’s doorsteps with the help of drones. Amazon has been taking leaps forward in the technology industry. They have automatic ordering buttons, promised 20-minute delivery, and now they are trying to take their company one step higher and outplaying their competitors. It’s the next best thing to being about to download something right off the internet.

A private drone delivery company, called Flirtey, has recently completed the first fully independent FAA-approved urban drone delivery in the United States. In Hawthorne, Nevada, a drone successfully delivered a package of food, water, and emergency kits. It can be done, the only question is how practical is the cost of the drone, how many drones will be needed, how many things can the drone carry? It has a lot of logistical problems that can probably be easily solved.

As the CEO of Flirtey said “Drone delivery is set to save lives and change lifestyles” His confidence is promising. So how do you feel about drones delivering your packages? Is this a step towards the future or is it laziness taken to another level? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

(It might help save some time the night before Corn when everyone is running around trying to find the last minute things!)


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