Communication + Transportation = Holoportation

On Monday, Microsoft annouced that they have developed a new way to communicate. They call it holoportation. It uses 3d cameras to create a hologram type character of yourself, which can then be transported to other locations. It is great way to communicate face to face, when you aren’t really face to face with someone.

It sounds kind of crazy, and a little hard to believe but it’s true! You can see the cameras placed all around both rooms in this photo.

The cameras are taking a picture from all angles of the person, so that they can be reconstructed in another place. The man can see the girl but the girl can only hear the man. How? If you look, you can see the man is wearing a headset. This allows him to see the girl. It is very similar to virtually reality video games; since the girl is not wearing the headset, she can not see the man. (You can watch their interaction in the video below)

Holoportation huge leap forward in the technology world, but it still has a long way to come. Right now it is very expensive, it takes a lot of cameras, and headsets. While Microsoft isn’t the only company working toward holograms, they do have a set up from the other companies. Microsofts programs, like Skype, will help them creat a device that is inexpensive, wireless, and safe.

Watch the video below to learn more about how holoportation actually works.

Let us know what you think! How long will it take until it is released to the public? Which company will develop it first? Do you think it’s real?


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