Tips and Tricks for your Rooms

The campus was buzzing last week, as girls were finding last minute roommates, and walking through dorms trying to find the perfect room location. With housing sign ups behind us, we want to share some ways to make your new apartments, or dorms, more spacious. We, also, found some cool gadgets that everyone needs to help minimize clutter and to just be cool.

(Photo taken from Meredith College) 

Ways to make your room look larger: 

  1. Curtain height- hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible (3-6in above the window) will help draw your eye up and give the appearance of a higher ceiling.
  2. Mirrors- Mirrors are a great way to make your room feel larger, because they reflect, tricking your eye into thinking that the room continues. If you hang the mirror across from a window or so light reflects off of it (not glare) that, also, helps “expand” the space.
  3. Light Colors- Using lighter colors helps keep the room airy. Using neutrals with just pops of your favorite color is a great way to keep the room open.

Gadgets you need:


Alarm clocks can be so ugly. With this wood block clock the time disappears so you can use it as decoration; just hit it or shake it to make the time appear.


You will always want more plugs. This flexible power strip is awesome to move around whatever you want in your room.


A small projector you can hook up with your phone is perfect for movie, or netflix nights with your best friends!

Check out more about the gadgets we talked about and other gagets here

Tag your future roommates and let us know what you think!

If you have any other ideas, share them in a comment below!



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