Wake Up! Wake Up! Start Your Day In Style.

So we are all still very much grumpy and irritated since we lost a whole hour of sleep on Sunday March 13th with the start of daylight saving time.

So before we get angry lets understand why we lost the valuable hour of sleep. During the summer months we have longer days, the main reason we have daylight savings is to make good use of the daylight. With our clocks moved forward we can utilize the extra daylight available. The more daylight we have the less likely we are to put our lights on therefore we use less electricity and save energy. So yes we might not like the idea of it but if you consider the reason behind it we are saving the earth by consuming less energy.

When we think of alarms, our alarm from the clock app on our phones comes to mind, it is a great feature that does what it’s supposed to do, go off when its time, allows you to cut if off or press the snooze a little bit longer and go off again. However not everyone is able to wake up easily so here some alarm apps to help us get ready for our days.

Wake Alarm

This is an alarm clock app for IPhone that is sure to wake you up as the name implies. There are three different ways to which the alarm could be set off; Slap & Flip, Shake, and Swipe. If you wish to Slap & Flip you can simply slap your phone (yes slap) to snooze or flip the phone over to turn off the alarm. For people who need extra work to wake up, the Shake feature requires you to shake your phone till the Shake bar is filled up in order for it to turn off. The Swipe feature is for the light sleepers who do not require much as all you simply do is swipe left to snooze or swipe done to turn off. The wake alarm is a fun and interactive alarm that caters to all sleepers and is bound to wake you up.


This is an alarm clock with voice control commands to set, snooze or turn off your alarm, no need to use turn over and press the snooze button. This is sure to wake you up as you will have to communicate with your alarm if you wish to change the time of your alarm or set a snooze time. If you need to get up at a certain time, Speak to snooze will make sure to go off at that time with a very loud and annoying sound that will be sure to wake you up, if you need help with the dark simply say flashlight and the light will be turned on. It even has a limit on the amount of times you can snooze a day and will not function if that limit is passes.

Carrot Alarm

Carrot Alarm gives you two choices to make, simply wake up to fun and motivational music or do no wake up and suffer the consequences.  For those people who love hitting the snooze button, Carrot might be your worst enemy as when you hit the button a little too many times, Carrot explodes with anger, threats and even makes you complete some tasks before it can be switched off. The app also uses a reward system wherein quicker you get out of bed, you may earn new features such as new music and even some extra time to sleep the threats begin.


Wake N Shake

You guessed it, this alarm is exactly what the name says. There are no snooze buttons, no volume control, the only way to stop the loud, annoying noise is to shake your phone vigorously until the shake meter fills up and it stops. Let’s just say you will be wide awake and ready to start your day by the time you are done.

Walk Me Up

This alarm app not only wakes you up but also help with your physical activities. When the alarm goes off, it can only be turned off after you take a certain amount of steps. The app uses your phone’s pedometer to track the number of steps taken and it cannot be fooled by just shaking it, this will only result in the step counter to restart.

We know that getting out of bed is not fun, but with these alternative alarm apps, we might just get that extra motivation needed to start the day.


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