3 Ways to Stay Productive

It’s half way through the semester and our gas tanks are starting to reach empty. The warm afternoons makes it hard to focus on class work, and the cold mornings make it hard to get out of bed. Formal, Tea for two, Easter, Class Day and Graduation are a lot easier to spend time thinking about than History 103 or Math 175. The spring is a happy time we want to spend with our family and friends, not in the classroom. With a little over 1 month of classes left, we compiled some ways to stay productive during these last few weeks.

  1. Write everything down- You are more likely to do something if you see it written on paper. Try printing a calendar sheet and write everything you need to do that day in the square. It will help you remember and prioritize. (click here for free calendar printables)
  2. Pick a few tasks- set a timer for 1 hour, picks 5 or 6 tasks and work until the timer goes off. You may get done faster than an 1 hour and have the rest of the time to work on other projects or to just relax. Do 1 hour of hard work a day and it’ll help you stay on task.
  3. Reward yourself- I’m sure our bank accounts are hurting this time of the year. Instead of eating out everyday, reward yourself towards the end of the week by going out with your friends. Allow yourself small prizes for finishing your work, like if you finish all your work by 9 you can watch 1 netflix show or have a good, productive week and treat yourself to something special that weekend.

It may seem like little steps, but it’s the little steps that add up to ensure you aren’t falling behind in your class work. If you have any other suggestions to help fellow MCGs stay productive during the slump, please share in a comment below!

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