Tips to free Up Storage Space

Running out of storage space on your iPhone is very annoying, but trying to free up some space is even more annoying. Imagine you are about to take the perfect photo and this shows ups….


It is so frustrating to see this message but you can easily solve it by just adjusting, deleting and changing your settings.

Check your Usage

First of all, you have to check your usage. What exactly are you using that is taking up so much space?

Open the Settings app and click on General > Usage > Mange Usage.

This show you the amount of storage available, used and how much storage the apps on your phone use. You might be shocked to find an app you were not expecting is actually taking alot of space.

iphone storage

Get rid of old messages 

So we know that some people like to go over and read old messages on their phones and we see no problem with that however; the more messages you have the less space you have for new features on the phone. The aim is for you to free up space so it may be wise to delete those more than a year ago messages.

It is a simple task all you need to do is-Open the Settings app > Messages > Keep Messages By default forever is checked but you can either choose to keep them for 30 days or a year where they will disappear without any extra work from you.

message history

Delete Apps

This is a problem numerous people will admit to, they have so many apps which they might have downloaded for some reason and only used once but never got to deleting them. Again this just creates more clutter and takes up so much space which could be used to store something else.

This can be achieved by either going to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Data as mentioned earlier you will have a list of the apps and their storages you can click on the apps and delete them or you could press down on your phone screen until the apps are in motion and then simply delete the apps you do not use actively anymore

internal downlaods

There are many other tips and tricks to free up storage space on your phone, we hope the few outlined here will give you a headstart on letting go of clutter in your phone to provide more storage space for all the photos, videos, and updates which your phone might require.


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