Midterm tips and tricks!

We are in the middle of midterms this week, and while it’s hard to see the end over your pile of notes and books, we are here to share some helpful tips for tackling the workload.

  1. Don’t procrastinate- Yes, we are all guilty of this. However, it is very important that now more than ever you don’t procrastinate. If you manage your time we promise your stress level will not reach an all time high, like it usually does at this time.
  2. Don’t get distracted – turn off your phone, turn off the music, turn off the tv, unplug. If it’s too hard try to get an app to help you get away from the phone. My, personal favorite is pocketpoints. It gives you points for the amount of time you leave your phone locked. You can turn in there points for coupons. It’s great, and helps me keep the phone in my pocket.
  3. Don’t skip sleep- Don’t lie to us, we know you rolled your eyes when you read this. “Don’t lose sleep” we have heard over and over again for years; but it is very important. You will get your work done faster when you are refreshed and ready to go.
  4. Always overestimate– Allow yourself more time to study than you think you need to. This helps you relax knowing you have some extra time if you don’t understand something you thought was easy orginally. Plus, it might give you a little extra time at the end of the day.
  5. Don’t cram everything back to back– nothing is more stressful than running around trying to study and get ready to meet friends at the same time. Give yourself some breathing room.
  6. Don’t look over something once- Repeat, repeat, repeat (even if you think you know it)! You will thank us later.
  7. Don’t memorizeUnderstand- Yes, memorizing will get you through the midterm but will you remember it for the final? What if the question isn’t exactly what it is on the study gudie? You want to understand it so you don’t need to be worried when the question changes and when it’s time for the final you will have saved yourself some time.
  8. Go to office hours– Professors wouldn’t have them if they didn’t want you there. It’s their job to teach you, so don’t feel like you are inconviencing them. It’s their job!!

Let us know if you have any other tips! Follow our pinterest: Meredith College Tech Services for more tips and tricks on studying and technology.


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