We hope you are still working on your New Year’s resolution if it was about losing weight or just working out more often. Let us make things easier with this app spotlight about MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal is a free (yes free) online fitness tracking application that makes it easy to track calories, get nutrition information and to make your diet a much easier process.

MyFitnessPal was created by Mike Lee a veteran Silicon Valley worker who just like the rest of us was trying to lose the pounds before his wedding day. He too went to his local gym and his personal trainer gave him a book and asked them (Mike and his then bride to be) to record everything they ate and the calories it contained. Being from the Silicon Valley world, Mike did not feel the need to write all what he ate on paper, when he deals with technology everyday of his life. So he searched and there were other online fitness tracking websites available but they were not that accurate, had very little information on foods and they we not up to date with the calories of things.

That’s when Lee began to work on his own idea, a website with an online database cantaining a variety of foods with the actual calories, basically an online diet tracking book. This was in 2005 and by in 2009 with the popularity of smartphones, MyfitnessPal went mobile by creating a free app that made is very simple to track meals on the go.

MyFitnessPall has numerous features but it’s main focus is on food logging. This is the beauty of the website as it gives a visual of what you are required to eat and what is missing, it breaks it down for people, tells them exactly what is going on.

MyFitnessPal has it all from a calorie counter, exercise tracker and an online community. With the Calorie counter it keeps track of your daily food intake, allows you to set calorie targets for the day, and remembers the food you eat often for easy record. The exercise tracker is the online database for exercise tips and options such as cardio, strength training and even yoga. It is a specialized excising routine planned out for each individual based on their height, weight and gender. So it is very safe and easy to use.

As some of us may know, one setback of taking part in fitness programs is the lack of support and guidance, well MyFitnessPal has an online community that of people who actual members that advice, help each other and build relationships that will benefit everyone.

Now with MyFitnessPal you can keep track of your daily activities such as your number of steps, if you are an iOS user, have a Fitbit or any other means to step tracking, you can now see your daily steps and calorie count from MyFitnessPal.

Overall it is a very useful app, it helps people understand and keep track of their diet and exercise. Numerous people have said that with MyFitnessPal, they have gone to lose a great amount of weight easily.



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