Forget the Chocolate…..

Show your love with technology this Valentine’s Day!

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day!  Don’t get us wrong the flowers, chocolates, cards and candy are amazing and what people like, but its 2016. Let’s do something fun and different this year. Here are just a few fun and alternative ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift:


Heart Charger iPhone Charging Cable


What a better way to charge than have little hearts glittering at you? It just like a regular iPhone cable (sorry Androids) that has 8 LED red heart lights. These will light up and brighten anyone’s day. It works with both iPhone 5 and 6 and all you need to do it use the USB to plug it into your laptop and charge away while having the hearts light up.


Lego Rose


Why give a boring real rose that would die very soon or rather a fake rose and would be thrown away eventually? With a Lego Rose you can show your love with something that will always last. It is already arranged with all the pieces, so there is no extra work of having to actually make a rose from the legos. This is a wonderful gift for that someone special that is unique and fun.

Sweetheart Cord Tacos


We all know the struggle with our headphones and how hard it is to untangle them. Do not let your significant other go through this pain. Save them with these Sweetheart Cord Tacos. Their headphones will be tucked away safely in these petite taco shaped pouches with lovely words and fun colors.  They’ll be reminded how lucky they are to have someone as thoughtful as you in their lives.

Personalized Voice Wave Print


If you want to go all out and really impress your loved one, you can get a personalized voice sound wave print. You can use your voice and the color of the wave to say whatever you wish. You can add text under the wave to let them know what you said or just leave it as a secret message for your loved one. The beauty of this gift is that it is a one of a kind as each sound wave is as different as you. It’s also a great gift for parents, friends, and teachers to hang on the wall and remind them how special they are!



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