Super Cameras for the SuperBowl

Well as you may have heard the Carolina Panthers unfortunately lost to the Denver Broncos  24-10 at SuperBowl 50 in Santa Carla. We hope you watched, and enjoyed the game, the graphics, and high tech used during the game, the halftime show, and even the commercials.

Technolgy plays an important role in making the gamep; with the headsets the coaches used to communicate with the team, the giant screens that shows the replays, and the cameras that does not miss a single play. Technolgy definately played a huge part during the game on Sunday, we, the viewers saw on our screens, the breathtaking view of the Levi Stadium, looking from down on the field and fans; the cameras that showed us all the replays and touchdowns.

The breathtaking bird’s eye view, from the top of the stadium, was taken by the skycam, which has been used in previous games. It was first used in the NFL in 1984, but became more popoular during games in 2001. The skycam is a computer controlled camera, with microphones, that is suspenended in the air by cables runing the length of the stadium. For SuperBowl 50, skycam introduced a new update called the Wildcat. This travels twice as fast as its previous models (about 25 miles per hour). There was no doubt the Wildcat did not disappoint, as, we, the viewers did not miss a single action of the game.


Another amazing use of technolgy added this year was the pylon cameras, which showed us an amazing view of the tackles and falls by players. Plyons are bright orange rectangular objects used a markers on the field to show where the field begins and ends. Plyon cams were used for the first time in during SuperBowl 50!! (Exciting right?!) They had cameras and microphones inside that gave the viewers a glimps of how it felt to be on the field. This camera also helped make some game calls, for example it can see the out of bounds lines very well so when plays involving the lines were challenged the Plyon Cam became a big help!


I believe, my personal favorite, was the Eye Vision 360; which actaully froze the play, showed a 360 view of it. The camera created a virtual wall along the endzone line that showed us the exact moment a touchdown was scored. It was very difficult to have missed that feature, as, it came up as a transparent blue screen. It was amazing to see how the ball, and a player’s body was split inbetween the field and the endzone. A total of 36 cameras, as seen below, were placed all over the stadium, and they ensured we did not miss a single piece of the action.



So, whether, your team lost, or won last night, we hope you enjoyed the game with the help of these new technolgy devices. We hope to see more technological advancements in the future, espeically at these sporting events. We have come a long way from the very first Superbowl, can you imagine what Superbowl 100 will be like? Maybe halograms will be invovled?

Tell us what you think below! #keeppounding? or Go Broncos?




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