Tech Devices for Every MCG

Hey Angels,

Tech Services is always excited about the newest tech devices. We have found some of the most fashionable tech. devices, we believe every MCG should sport around campus.

It’s hard going from class to class, trying to keep track of papers, keys, and wallets, not to mention cords for our laptops, phones and headphones. With this charging tassel you have one less thing to keep track of, while also looking super cute! Attach it to your keys or backpack, and never search for or untangle your cord again! It is sold by Belkin and is $35 (

Tapping into another season of '70s-inspired fringe and fashion, Belkin's subtle USB cable keychain doubles as the perfect add-on to your bag as well as a power charge for your phone. Belkin USB leather tassel, $35,

How many times have you and your roommate been upset, or excited, or happy, or just feeling like a dance party? If you live with me the answer is at least 2 times a day! With this Braven LUX small, cordless speaker it is easy to have our little dance parties whenever we want! It uses bluetooth so anyone can connect to play their music. It is sold by Braven for around $70, however other brands you should look at include Sylvania or JBL for cheaper models.

Braven's luxe wireless system gives the standard iPhone speakers a run for their money with Bluetooth technology that plays music from any device, ansers phone calls and even charges your devices with a built-in charging station. Braven Lux Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $100,

If the charging tassel isn’t for you, don’t worry, we have more ways to get your phone up to 100%. The Rebecca Minkoff charging bracelet is retailed for $58 but we did some amazon searching, and found other bracelets that do the same thing for a cheaper price. We suggest looking at Macy’s or other retail stores that sell the bracelets for around $20. The bracelet is cute and serves a good purpose. It goes unnoticable until you need a quick charge, and can just turn to your wrist. Portable charging blocks are so annoying because you need to, not only, bring the block, but a lot of times you need to bring a cord, and remember to charge the block. This bracelet is just one less step!

Perfect for the fashion girl on-the-go, Rebecca Minkoff's sleek bracelet hides a USB cable to sync and charge your phone at a moment's notice.  Rebecca Minkoff cable bracelet, $58,

How many times are you walking around campus and want to snap a picture of something cool? Especially during cornhuskin’? Our answer is ALL THE TIME! While, we have our phones to take the picture, it becomes a pain to print them out… not anymore! SNAP is a camera made by Polaroid. It prints pictures immediatly, and gives you a few filter options to choose from before it’s printed. It’s like instagram on paper! The camera retails for $100 and can be bought at walmart, amazon, best buy, pretty much any technology store!

Polaroid's latest camera puts a fresh, Instagram-inspired update on the classic Polaroid model. Photos are printed instantly in three color options—black and white, color or a vintage filter—using an ink-free printing technology, meaning you don't have to worry about shaking or smudging these new Polaroids. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, $99, available later this year,

These are our favorite new “technology to go” devices. All the devices are easy to use and see results. We haven’t heard any complaints yet! However, when looking for the items read the comments if you are getting an “off brand” some brands look the same but don’t work when you get it.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Which one would you like to use the best?


Here are the links to these devices:


Wireless Speaker:

or google; wireless speakers under $50

Bracelet: — this link will give you many options 


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