Wonderland is an actual Wonderland


It’s here, angels. Alice in Wonderland is happening THIS weekend! Some of us have waited 4 years, while others only 1 semester but the week has finally arrive. We, at tech services, can’t contain our excitement. The staff and faculty get to watch the dress rehearsal Thursday so we will be trying to find out all the secrets in the office come Friday morning (don’t worry if we find out, we’ll share).

The buzz is big around campus and facebook, as everyone gathers their books, tshirts, and cameras to go see their favorite professors. For those of you that don’t understand this tradition in full, we’re here to help you out.

Alice in Wonderland only happens every 4 years, that means each student get to see the production once while at Meredith. The production was started in 1924 by Miss Royster. With the help of Miss Poteat (shoutout to the poteat dorm), who designed the costumes and masks, the students gathered for the performance with no idea what was going to happen. The faculty only told them it was something they didn’t want to miss. And boy were they right.


We want to hear your guess for who everyone is. Share in a comment below or send us a tweet! We look forward to seeing it Friday, or Saturday and look forward to hearing form y’all!

For more history and information about the event please click here


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