You Are Better Than That Low Grade

So we are at the point in the semester where assignments and homework have begun to pile up, and you still have not adjusted to your semester studying routine.  You take your first quiz and fail miserably. Then you start to question if this was the right class for you, or if this is what the rest of the semester will look like?

Well, don’t question or doubt yourself. Rome was not built in a day. You cannot rise up to the top. You have to understand and get a feel of the class, know how the professor grades his/her test and quizzes, and know what to focus/study on. You need to know how much time to give yourself during the test, as well as, how much time to study for the test.

Remember to not see the low grade as a disappointment, but rather a motivation and challenge to yourself to do better the next time around. You never know if your professor might forget about the first or lowest grade, and that could be make all of the difference at the end of the semester.




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