Project Fi

Hello Angels,

With everything covered in ice this past weekend, it might have been hard to receive phone calls, send texts, or post your artsy icy Instagram’s. Well, your problems have been solved, with Google’s new initiative called Project Fi.

Project Fi is a new way to connect faster. The project is aimed to connect you to the best connection around, as well as only making you pay for the amount of services you use. Since you are always moving your cell phone, your connection is always changing. Project Fi aims to connect you with the best network for your current location. How? Project Fi has connection to TWO 4g LTE networks, while other providers can only grant you access to one.

With typical cell phone plans you have a certain amount of data each month that you pay for. It’s hard to guess how much data you use each month because you are always doing different things; for example, when Justin Biebers new album came out I had my spotify on 24/7 listening and using data, but this month I haven’t used as much data since my honeymoon phase of Purpose is over. Project Fi calculates the amount of data you used that month and charges you at the end of the month for what you used! No more wasting data, or trying to save until your data plan starts over.

It sounds like a great deal to me! What do you angels think? Will you be jumping ship to Project Fi? Leave a comment to let us know!

Want to know more about this new project? Watch the video below or check out their website:


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