Importance of Drinking Water

We all remember when we were younger, and the grown-ups kept telling us to constantly drink water. Well, we should be grateful they did since water is not the only clear liquid you drink when you’re thirsty. Water is an essential part of life. Water makes up about 60% of our body weight, and it helps with metabolic reactions within the body. It has been linked to increase metabolism, which in turn can reduce calorie intake, and lead to weight lost.

With it being the New Year, there are several individuals whose resolution is to be active –  drinking water should be done regularly to replace the water lost through sweat during those cardio sessions. You don’t want sore muscles at the end of the day.

Water helps with acne and good skin. Dehydration (lack of water) causes the skin to dry out quickly causing some people to break out with acne while increasing the look of wrinkles. No one wants that right, right?

To help with more water intake, drink a glass of water with every meal, to get into the habit. Make sure you always have a glass/bottle of water next to you: by your bed, somewhere in your office, on your desk, with you in your back pack, and even in the car. You could also add some water enhancers to make it seem as if you are not drinking water. It will be difficult to do so in college with all the other choices available such as coffee, sodas, and sugary drinks – but it can be done.

So when you are sad about that grade you didn’t get, or stressed about the paper or test coming up, or feel sick, drink a glass of water – you will feel better.




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