Successful Advice from Successful Women

Hello Angels,

Today we found our favorite quotes from some successful women. Hopefully, they can help give you a little push if you are slumping before thanksgiving break!!

  1. “Never assume defeat.” -Rachael Summer — No matter what  has happened: a test you weren’t prepared for, a shaky presentation, or an awkward internship interview – don’t assume defeat. It will only cause you to worry more, and you may sike yourself out. It’s not always as bad as you think. You could’ve bombed that test, but you could’ve also passed with flying colors. Don’t assume defeat until you know the results, even if you don’t get the results you want. It doesn’t mean you were defeated. Just keep your head up buttercup!!
  2. “Diversify your skill set”- Stephanie Gentry — It’s good to have a few skills, but if you multiply your skills you can continue to develop in whatever aspect of your life you wish too. This is a great thing for you, angels, to strive for as many of you prepare to graduate in December or May. Each month set out to learn a new skill. Once you have mastered it move on to the next one; it’s a fun game you can play to better yourself.
  3. “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure the impact last in your absences.”- Sheryl Sandberg — Most people confuse leadership with being “the boss.” Remember, even if you are an intern that only fetches coffee, you can still be a leader. As the facebook COO said: its about making something that’ll last in your absences. You won’t be an intern forever so don’t get discouraged when your ideas are brushed aside; keep your head up, and become a leader in your department of work. You don’t need to be “the boss” to be the leader.

Take this advice as you will, but remember to go strong whatever advice you follow.

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