How to master instagram in 3 steps

Corn season has arrived Ladies. Freshmen have their co chairs, upper classmen have their themes, practices are starting which means late nights of dancing and hog calling. Along with the late nights come late night Instagrams. Here are some tips to get the best insta of the season!

  1. Use more than one filter: Why pick between Nashville and Rise? You can edit a photo, with two filters before adding it to Instagram. You can use a separate photo editing app or put your phone in “Airplane” mode and use Instagram to filter and crop a photo, it won’t load to your Instagram but you can save it to your photos. It’s our tricky secret we are sharing with you to make your corny photos even better!
  2. Crop Crop Crop: if you follow us on twitter you saw our tweet (and if you don’t check us out @meredithtech) about a recent Mashable post about a photographer showing how he really gets his artsy instagrams. Here’s his secret:


3. Hashtags: Try coming up with a clever hashtag you can use on all of your corn pictures. At the end of huskin’ you can look up all of your and your friends pictures in one search. This technique isn’t used just for wedding now, but how cute would it be if your hashtag was #cornyatlast or #finallycorntogether! Also, participate in hashtag days maybe #tbt to your first corn or #tbt to your first corn practice, maybe even make this guy your #mcm


However you hashtag make sure you follow Meredith_Tech on instagram so we can join the corny fun!

Use these three tips to be the most of your corn pictures. Look at our Pinterest and twitter for more Instagram tips! We can’t wait to see your corny pictures!



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