Peeple Peeple read all about it

Hello Angels,

Imagine this-  you get a hot tinder date and try to do a background check just to make sure the boy isn’t too creepy, but the boy has an outdated Facebook, private Instagram and no twitter. How will you ever find anything out about him?! Well, Peeple is a new app that allows you to review, rank and classify everyone you have met, dated ,worked with or just your BFF- but get this, it is without their consent, and once they are reviewed they can’t change it or take it down. It can be viewed as a trip adviser or Yelp! for people. So have no fear when his last profile picture update was from 2012, hopefully, for your sake, he has been Peepled.

The app will be launched in November and is described by its founders as a positive app to help expand your personal life, however others believe it will become a version of cyber bulling, or, in reference to the beloved movie Mean Girls, a virtual “Burn Book”.  Not only that but it is not available to everyone, only iOS devices can download the app in November and you must log in using Facebook. You must also be over the age of 21. You must be able to provide the phone number of the person you are reviewing and they will receive a text telling them to check out their profile and see what people are saying about them. It seems complicated to just say someone is a quality person or not- is it worth the trouble?

Do you agree with the nay sayers or are you ready to peeple everyone in your life? Share your thoughts in a comment below to let us know what you think!

Check out the video below about how the app came about, from the founders of the app, and an opinion article from Mashable about why peeple isn’t the worst app ever. You can also like the apps Facebook page or follow the founders on twitter.


2 thoughts on “Peeple Peeple read all about it

  1. Patti

    This is a bad idea! Is there no privacy anymore? Whatever happened to getting to know someone and forming your own opinion about them. This will invite cyber bullying.


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