Always have a Companion

Hello Angels,

I think we can all agree that walking home alone at night can be scary, sometimes. We are lucky to have a safe community at Meredith, but who is keeping you safe when you are off campus and campus security isn’t around? Answer: Your cell phone and your friends.

With a new app called Companion you can send your friends your location as you walk home. How many times have you called a friend while walking somewhere you don’t feel totally safe, or texted them saying you got home? With this app they can be with you the whole way home and receive a notification when you get to your end destination. The app can be used with anyone in your contacts, even if they don’t have the app. It’s fast and easy to use. First you pick your current location or starting point and your end point, the software will use your GPS to track your location and even ask if you are ok at different point; if you don’t answer the app will contact your Companions. Not only does it ask you if you are ok but it can sense your safety, also. The app knows when you start running and if your headphones have been taken out of the headphone jack, it will immediately ask if you’re okay and you will be given 15 seconds to answer before the app contacts your Companions and family members. However, don’t take this app as a reason you should feel scared. It is simply made for when you are nervous, it is not made to have you start tip toeing around places you normally feel safe. The app is free and you can receive more information at the links below as well as in the app video.

Companion website:

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