Apple Event and You!

Hello Angels!

If any of you watched or read about the Apple event last week, you know they announced some exciting stuff. We’re here to look at how you as a student may use these for school or just for fun!

iPad Pro & Apple Pencil
Design majors, this one is for you! The new iPad Pro has a 12.9 inch screen so you can sketch larger images. Also announced was the Apple Pencil, which is a pressure sensitive stylus that can make working on the iPad Pro even better. There is also a keyboard available for the iPad Pro, much like the one for the Microsoft Surface, so you Apple loyalists can use your tablet as a note-taking device in class! Of course, you could also just use it as a really big Netflix lap device, and that’s good too.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus
Ok, we were all expecting it so not much of a surprise, but the 6s is official! Almost all of us at this point have a smart phone and know how useful it is for email, organizing, checking MyMeredith, etc. Newer and better than iPhones of the past, the 6s has a faster processor and better camera, which means Corn instas will look cuter and make it there faster!

Apple Watch Apps
There are going to be more apps for the Apple Watch! We’ve seen a few of these around campus, we know you’re excited for this. With these apps the watch is becoming more and more like a full iPhone on your wrist, and I’m just excited for the day our professors have to tell us to stop staring at our arms during class.

Apple TV
TV is wonderful. Apps that let you stream Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes on your TV are wonderful. Having to physically type things into your smart TV is not wonderful, and scrambling for the remote to rewind because you missed what that guy just said is not wonderful. Luckily, Apple is going to give us the ability to talk to Siri on the Apple TV! So sit on your throne of textbooks and command Siri, the one loyal subject of your dorm kingdom, to do what you cannot because you’re buried in papers and flashcards and the remote is across the room.

New tech is always excited, we can’t wait to see these as they are released!

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