How To Get Meredith Email On Your Phone

A big question people have been asking us since the semester started: How do you access your Meredith email on your smartphone?

We don’t want you to miss out on anything, so here are a few ways to get your Meredith email on your phone! For an older version of this post with pictures, go here (Android pics coming soon).

How to link Gmail to your iPhone with the Mail app

1. Go into Settings and click Mail, Contacts, Calendars
2. Once inside Mail, Contacts, Calendars, click Add Account
3. There will then be a list of email servers to chose from, click Google
4. Enter the information needed and click next in the top right corner (will be highlighted once info is entered)
5. Once the correct information is entered Gmail will recognize your account and automatically link your account to your phone
6. Then, you are able to go to your Mail App on Homepage and see Gmail has been linked to your mail

How to link Gmail to your iPhone with the Gmail app

To Install:

1. Navigate to the app store
2. Search for “Gmail”
3. Locate the app named “Gmail – email from Google”
4. Click the “FREE” download button and verify your apple ID to begin the download
5. Open the app once it has finished downloading and installing
6. Log-in using one of the Gmail accounts you wish to be connected to your device

To Connect Additional Accounts:

1. While in the Gmail app, click the three lined button in the top left corner
2. Click the down arrow on the top row
3. Click the “Add account” button
4. Sign in with your additional account
5. Toggle between inboxes in the accounts section. To navigate there, repeat steps 1 and 2.


How to link Gmail to your Android

1. On the home screen, press the options button and then settings
2. In settings click, accounts and sync
3. From there click add account and follow the instructions for adding your Gmail account
4. Click on the Gmail account and select which options you would like to sync to the phone
5. If you would like for everything to sync automatically, click the Auto Sync button. If you would like to manually sync Gmail options, simply unclick the Auto Sync button.

Now you’re all set to access your Meredith email any time, any place!


  1. When adding a new Gmail account on my Android, it asks if it’s a Personal IMAP or Personal POP3. I don’t know what those are, so which do I choose to set up my Meredith email on my phone? Thanks!

    • Hi Taylor!

      That’s a new one for us! As far as we can tell, either one would work, but you will probably want to use IMAP.

      We’ll keep looking into it when we have access to an Android. Until then, keep us posted!

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