Doggy Fitbit

We all love our apple watches and fitbits; we all love our dogs, so why can’t our dogs love those things too?

Well, now they can!

A small sample of Buddy's most popular effects.

The buddy smart collar is basically an apple watch for dogs. It is an LED dog collar that lights up to help keep our beloved pets safe in the dark. Spueaker, a pet technology company, created this collar so you can track your animal while you’re at work or on vacation. It would be perfect for the outdoor cats that like to roam away at night or the dogs that get too excited and chase the mailman into different towns, lost pets are a thing of the past. The collar has many features including GPS, temperature sensor, and much like your fitbit, buddy has a fitness tracker, to top everything off it’s water proof so no matter the weather your pet will be safe. All you have to do is attach the collar to your pooch then download an app to your apple or android phone, tablet or laptop. Days of the invisible fence are over, and your backyard just got bigger, because with buddy smart collar you can draw a “fence” on your app that the dog has to stay within, when they roam too far alerts will be sent to the collar to tell them it’s time to come home; it’s kind of like texting with your dog. The collar has it all and is available for $180 through the Spueakers kickstarter page which is still trying to grow interest. Check out the links below for more information!

Squeakers website:

Squeakers kickstarter page:

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