Pee Electricity

The title says it all!

An experiment being performed by scientists from the University of the West of England are testing the potency of urine in generating electricity via a pee-energy toilet. The goal of the experiment is to provide a safer environment for women in refugee camps that often have poorly lit sanitation zones. The urine used will generate electricity to light the restroom.

What happens: Men are invited to take a pee in the urinal provided to them outside the school bar at the University of the West of England. The urine is then transported down a tube (pipe) to storage containers located underneath the urinal.

How it works: The urine is continually cascaded into 288 microbial fuel cells. These fuel cells hold microbes which feed on urine which then converts it into real time energy/electricity.

The professor leading up the experiment, Loannis Leropoulos, states: “It’s basically a live trial to demonstrate the microbial fuel cell technology over a long period of time; how it can continuously generate electricity from urine in real time.”

With testing, the urinal experiment can essentially power a mobile device, but the prototype is still in testing mode before being transported to refugee camps.

Check out the video to learn more


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