Morphing Drone Wings

Drones have been used for several task completing activities such as: Amazon’s drone system for in-house packaging, delivering packages to customers houses, use by military to locate and eliminate foreign enemies and various other war tactics, and even locating people trapped due to natural disasters so that others can find them. However, drones are unmanned and accidents are prone to happen.

The problem: When a drone hits a solid object while in mid-air, the drone is essentially destroyed and unusable.

However, researchers at Stanford university has been testing prototypes to mimic nature. This being said, they are trying to copy the workings of a bird wing. When the drone hits an object in mid-air the wing of the drone will collapse, but will morph back into its original form and continue to flap, therefore preventing major damage and/or an accident that would destroy the drone.

If you look at the video below, you will find more information concerning the prototype and get a closer look at the workings of the prototype’s wings. The prototype still has far to go and many test runs to complete before any drone is manufactured with the design of the Stanford scientists.

Still, drones are becoming more and more a part of our immediate future.

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