Regrow Teeth — New Technology Discovered by Harvard School of Engineering

Forget the fillings – forget the dentures. Harvard School of Engineering has been working with to stem cell research in hopes of producing cells within ones own body to regrow teeth. If the method that the team of Harvard Scientists has come up with develops further, then there would be no need to get fillings, or dentures. That’s a good sign for all you candy lovers and taffy eaters.

The teams uses a low powered laser to stimulate dental stem cells to form dentin: the tooth’s hard, bone-like structure that makes up most of the tooth’s mass.

Before this, recreating stem cells to grow specific tissue, such as skin or dentin, had to be done by removing the stem cell from the body, doing several lab tests and procedures to get the stem cell to produce specific tissue, and then putting it back into the body — which took incredible amounts of energy, research, and time.

Now, with this new laser method, the amount of time to regenerate stem cells is significantly less and the procedure is noninvasive. So far the research seems promising, as it has been successfully performed in labs and on animals. Hopefully, within the next 10 years we will see the fruits of this research in our dental offices.

Learn more by clicking this link:

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