Apps to Give Babysitters a Break!

Babysitting is popular among Meredith College students looking to earn an extra income while attending school. However, after attending school all day long and then heading off in the afternoon, and sometimes even the late hours of the night, to take care of some youngsters, Meredith girls become weary and tired and may just need a little bit of a break.

We thought it would be fun and exciting to show Meredith College students some apps that are kid friendly, educational, and will allow you to sit back every once and awhile when caring for the little darlings.

1) Baby’s Musical Hands — This is an app for the very little kids. They will learn and get the same stimulation as any other toy by tapping on colorful squares and with that tap — sound comes out. Every square has a different sound.

2) The Disney Color and Play App — This app is extremely interactive, but only works with certain coloring books that are Disney produced. Kids will pull out their crayons and their coloring book and color away, and by the time that they are finished they can hover the iPhone, iPad, or any other device with the app over the coloring book and the character will come to life in 3D — matching the colored character that the child created!

3) Toca Nature — This is a fun app for older kids who are just too advanced for alphabet games and coloring books. This is an interactive game where the child can create their own forest and landscapes, as well as their own animals and creatures. Combined with the music and colors of the game, it creates a “zen-like” environment so the kids won’t get too rowdy or fired up while playing and stay in a calm state of being.

4) YouTube Kids  — YouTube can be a dangerous place for kids if not carefully administered or watched. However, YouTube has gotten into the kids market and has created YouTube Kids so they can watch videos like Elmo, Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Disney clips without being in fear, as a sitter or parent, of what they may stumble upon.

5) Dumb Ways to Die — Don’t let the name scare you, this is my personal favorite for older, mature kids. This game was originally created to inform people about train safety and how to be safe by protecting yourself from dumb or irrational decisions and choices that some may not even realize are irrational (just dumb ways you could possibly die). These games are thought provoking and tactic solving games with time in mind. This game can keep kids busy for lengthy amount of times while also informing them on better decision making.

The ideas in this blog were presented to us by Jennifer Jolly, a columnist for USA Today.

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