“The Invisible Design Behind the Apple Watch’s Many Faces” – Pierce

We found an article so beautifully written concerning how the Apple Watch is detailed, created, and crafted that we had to share.

What you may not know is that etched on the inside of every Macintosh hard case plastic cover is the signature of the very elite original engineers, designers and creators of Apple, including Steve Jobs. These signatures are more than just design, but an intimate revealing of the detail put behind every Apple product in the making and currently produced.

However, on April 24th we will see a grand revealing of the Apple Watch — a design like no other. Sure, there are plenty of smartphone watches out there, but once you read beyond this sentence you will see how crafted the Apple Watch is, and it might change your mind on your smartwatch preference.

The Apple watch has been in the making for three years — designing, crafting, programming, and creating. The watch has an Apple Watch Face called Motion. With Motion, you can set the watch to show flowers blooming, jellyfish swimming, Mickey Mouse’s foot tapping and/or hold the galaxy in your hand. It seems nice, but what kind of effort was put behind it? The answer: detail and getting it exactly right.

For every time you raise your wrist, you will see a different flower with a different color blooming every time. However, they didn’t take the flowers from anywhere — they photographed them themselves. They bought flowers, and captured photographs of them blooming within their own studio. They did this also with the jellyfish, and butterflies.

The longest amount of time it took to capture a flower blooming was 285 hours with over 24,000 shots.

For the jellyfish, they built a tank within their own studio, bought a variety of species of jellyfish and captured the images at 300 frames per second with a high-end slow-motion Phantom camera. Then they took the 4096 x 2304 images and shrunk the image to fit the size of the Apple Watch screen — being 1/10th the size of the original image. Therefore, it would impossible for a human to notice the great depth and detail put into the design of the Motion interface. But, Apple did it any way because detail is important to the company.

Gallery Image

Gallery Image

You can read the entire article, written by David Pierce, by clicking on this link: http://www.wired.com/2015/04/apple-watch-design/

All I have to say is: “Wow Apple — that is incredible.”

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