Science isn’t for one gender

As you have noticed, women in technology, science, and business realms are incredibly low in numbers, but we live in a world now where that should not be the case. In fact, girls at young ages are interested in science, technology, business, etc.

When girls are younger, 7 out of 10 are interested in science, but there is a stereotype and culturally learned norm that influences girls to pursue other interests. By the time women grow older and begin a career, only 2 out of 10 enter into science, technology and business careers. This is due to the fact that many girls eventually learn from their surroundings, and people, that “it’s a boy thing,” when in reality it isn’t.

Science, technology, and business are not just for men. They are built for both men and women. Most women are no longer the traditional stay-at-home moms and men are not the traditional bread-winners. Women are searching for something more, and that can be achieved through STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

In fact, there are plenty of women who have been successful in the field, and are considered some of the most powerful women in technology.

Sheryl Sandberg

She is the COO of Facebook, and one of the first women to be on Facebook’s directors board. She has even written a book called Lean In that encourages women to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Virginia Rometty 

Her career began as a systems engineer at IBM in 1981. As she continued to pursue her career she eventually became the leader of the company — the first woman to ever do so.

Susan Wojcicki 

She is the CEO of the worlds largest video platform that you know — Youtube.


Women in STEM are incredible, and are changing the norms of our culture every day by showing us that technology, business, math, engineering, etc are not just for boys, but for women too and they do an incredible job.

Check this video out from Microsoft’s Ad Campaign in honor of International Women’s Day:

Girls learn at a young age what is right and what is wrong. We can create a culture where girls are encouraged to go into STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), and business by teaching them that it isn’t just a boy thing. We also need women to surpass the stereotype, continue to push pass the norms and get into those fields because change happens when we make it happen. The more women who enter into these fields, the faster the change will come.

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