Navigating Commuter and Resident Parking Lots

Okay Meredith Girls, I remember my first year as a Meredith college student and I had trouble figuring out where to park. For the first semester I was a resident student so I just parked near my dorm, and then I became a commuter student and I was like “uhm, where are all the places I can park that don’t make me walk so far?”

So this blog is here to tell you where you can park as either a resident or a commuter on Meredith College’s Campus without getting a ticket.


1) Yellow — Commuter Parking Lots

2) Blue — Resident Parking Lots

3) Red — Open parking 4pm. to 7am.

Oaks residents of course can only park at the Oaks or in the open parking spots at appropriate hours.

As long as you follow this map you will find yourself parking where you need to and at the times intended without getting a ticket from the Meredith Police! If you’re ever in doubt, check the signs next to the entrance to each parking lot for full information.

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