Getting a CamCard (new or lost)

Your CamCard is your life here at Meredith College. If you lose your CamCard, you lose your identity as a Meredith Student. Well…at least it seems like that. Without your CamCard: you can’t print, make purchases with the money on your CamCard, get into certain computer labs, get into the dining hall, get into your resident halls, or even get past the guard during early mornings or super late nights. There’s a lot that happens without your CamCard.

Therefore, we are here to tell you what you need to do to get one, how much it costs, and when you will get it.

1) Getting/renewing your CamCard (you can get another CamCard if you want to retake your picture).

First, you need to go to security which is right next to the Print & Copy Center.

Once there just tell the person at the front desk or the lady in the first office to the right that you want another CamCard (or a new CamCard).

She will ask you if you need to take a picture, want to retake your picture, or keep the original photo (it’s your choice).

Be sure to fill out a form for this. It requires your student I.D. The cost is $5.00, but do not bring your money to them. It will be charged to your Meredith Account which you will see on your statement for the next billing semester.

That’s all you have to do. It is simple and easy to get another CamCard.

Student I.D.

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