Too Much Technology Damages Health

We have loved posting everything about how helpful technology is, which is a lot, but we have decided it is time to add a brand new section to our blog that exposes the dark side of technology, and shows what excessive technology use can do to your body and brain.

We found these 7 symptoms, that  has written, that can be caused by excessive use of technology. You can find a total sum of the information that will be presented to you by clicking on “Susan Kuchinskas” above.

Here are the 7 symptoms that she presents to us, and an explanation of what these symptoms are and where they can lead.

1) Computer Vision Syndrome

This is a short-term problem that can occur from staring at a monitor or bright screen of some sort for long periods of time. Your eyes become strained, tired, irritated, red, or blurred. This is temporary and can go away, but be sure to take a break from the computer and/or check your lens to be sure you have the right glasses for looking at a computer screen.

2) Insomnia

Watching television or being in front of a monitor for long periods of time (3 or 4 more hours a day) can cause confusion in the brain as to what is day-time and what is night-time, especially for those who watch T.V. on the couch or play video games late at night. By doing this the brain is receiving mixed signals which can prevent someone from going to sleep or staying asleep.

3) Repetitive Stress Injuries

The constant tiny movements that your muscles make to move a mouse, to text on your phone, or to type on a computer causes a lot of stress and strain on your tendons can cause swelling, which places great pressure on your nerves. But, these tiny movement don’t affect just these areas — it can also affect your entire body. Cells that become injured release a chemical called cytokine; if you have enough of this traveling through your bloodstream, it can affect the entire body.

4) Obesity

We as humans sit way too much, and it can be drastically unhealthy. Many professions require that you sit almost all day long while performing your duties — many of which are in front of a computer. But it isn’t healthy to sit all day, barely moving! We all know that we gain weight if we don’t move at all. Therefore, to prevent this, take the time after work or after school to go for a jog or a run or just about any physical activity to keep your body moving in order to stay healthy.

5) Hearing Damage

Listening to music through your head phones increases your risk of hearing damage, especially for those who like to listen to their music at louder levels than average. You see, there are tiny hairs in your ear called cilia which bend with sound waves, allowing you to hear. If you listen to music at levels that are too loud for your ear, the cilia will bend and refuse to bend back in place. By having the cilia stay bent your hearing is not nearly as good as it was or could be if they bent freely.

6) Risk of Life and Limb

Did you know that talking on your phone, even while using your phone on “hands-free” mode makes you just as bad as a drunk driver with an alcohol level of .08? It’s not the buttons that make you less able to concentrate — it’s the fact that when your mind is busy talking to the person on the phone, it’s using up its time and energy to focus on the conversation when it should be concentrating on the road. By talking on the phone, texting, and/or using any other technology device while driving, you are 4 times more likely to get into an accident.

7) Office-Related Asthma 

There was a study that tested about 62 printers, and it found that 40% of those printers shoot out ultra-fine particles (toner dust and/or substance) that can become lodged deep within your lungs and cause asthma. Out of the 62 printers that were tested, only about 17 of these printers were those that would emit high levels of these ultra-fine particles.

A few of these printers are the:

  1. HP Color LaserJet 4650DN
  2. HP Color LaserJet 5550DTN
  3. HP Color LaserJet 8550N
  4. HP LaserJet 1320N
  5. HP LaserJet 2420DN
  6. HP LaserJet 4250N
  7. HP LaserJet 8150N
  8. Toshiba Studio 450

For more information visit this web page by linking the link: 7 Ways High-Tech Gadgets Could be Hurting You 

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