Scribble — The Color Picker Pen

For all of you artists out there and moms and daughters and dads and boys who love to use crayons, colored markers, and the like, there is a new invention that will make life for you much easier. It is said to soon release You can sign up for their newsletter so you can be the first to pre-order your pen.

The pen identifies the color that you hold up to the sensory board at the top of the pen, and with Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) combinations it replicates that color onto paper. Check out the demo video below on how it works:

Now we can stop wasting all those plastic pens and paper wrapped crayons that fill our landfills and use one device  for everything we do dealing with color, artistry, writing, and all other amazing possibilities! No more carrying around all these items that get stuck at the bottom of your book-bag or purse — now you can carry only one!

The price of the pen is unknown. The cartridges, however, are replaceable and cost from $3.00 to $10.00 dollars. The original set date of release was August 2014, but nothing has happened quite yet. The company is having difficulty getting the pen approved and marketed. The pen has come a long way — I am sure we will see its release within 2015.

Go to their website and check them out:

Tell us what you think. We think it is cool, but we want to hear from you! Comment below.

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