Blackboard Mobile

So we’ve talked before about Ellucian Go, the great mobile app that basically compresses the main features of Meredith’s website and WebAdvisor into one place, but there’s another great app for school resources that we haven’t talked about.

What do you do when you need to see your current grades and their breakdown?

Where do you go to find your assignments?

How do you look up your syllabus long after you’ve lost the one from the first day of class?

You go to and login to your Blackboard of course! So, if you want to do all of this and more on the go, just download the Blackboard app!

bbappWe all by this point know how blackboard works, but we’re going to talk about a few things specific to the app. When you first load up the app and login, you are presented with a list of all the courses to which you’re registered. (You might need to scroll down to see them all.)

BBMob1Clicking on the link with bring you to a list of options very similar to the normal Blackboard site, so we won’t get into that too much. Let’s look instead at the different customization options you have! If you click the edit button, you go to edit mode where you can do a variety of things to your front page. BBMob3So I get to my classes, and I decide I really don’t like the order. The one’s I go to the most should be on top, right? No problem! To move a class, just hold the lines on the right…

BBMob2…and drop the class where you want it!


Wow these colors are neat, but completely random choices via Blackboard. To change the color of a course, just click on the eyedropper signal to the immediate right of the course title and choose from the available options!

BBMob5I decided to make my Calculus class yellow instead of blue.


Oh, but, that Modern class is over now; I don’t really want to see it at all! Easy-peasy fix there too, just click the eye symbol to hide a class! An open eye means the course is visible, and a closed eye means it is hidden.

BBMob8When you’re done customizing your page, click the check mark in the upper-right to return to the main screen.

BBMob9Perfect! Now let’s take a look at the settings menu, accessed, or shown as a “gear symbol” on the bottom row. Clicking it takes you to the following screen, where you can set choices about what types of notifications the app should send you, whether to connect to things in the cloud, like dropbox, and privacy settings. Make sure to set it up however is best for you!

BBMob10This app is a great way to get information from your Meredith Blackboard courses, without having to boot up your computer or wrestle through your phone’s internet browser. It’s available for iOS and Android devices, so go ahead and click download!


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