Call Me Maybe? Important Numbers!

By this point we all know where most of the offices are on campus, even the ones tucked away in the corner (Tech Services is in the Noel House behind BDH!). However, mustering up the energy to walk all the way across campus to do your errands is difficult, and so many times they just don’t get done. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way? Well….you could always just call them.

Sure, if you need a new CamCard or need to pick up a refund check you’re probably going to have to get up and go in person, but if you just need to ask a few questions why not do it from the comfort of your bed?

Here are some of the most helpful Meredith phone numbers to have on hand. If we missed one you think should be included, let us know in the comments!

Tech Services: (919) 760-2323

Campus Security: (919) 760-8888

Registrar: (919) 760-8593

Accounting: (919) 760-8581

Admissions: (919) 760-8363

Health Services: (919) 760-8535

Facilities: (919) 760-8560

Enrollment Management: (919) 760-8009

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