“Digital Learning Day?” Yes…it exists, and it’s coming.

On March 13th, 2015 a day is coming where we celebrate “Digital Learning.” Well, what does that mean to me? It means everything to you. It is to help promote students to increase technology in the classroom. It’s time that teachers take a stand and digitally convert classroom instruction to enhance classroom education!

We’ve long been looking for ways to increase learning past the cut and dry book work most students are familiar with, and technology could well be the answer. However, teachers can’t just throw technology at you: “Here, use this.” (All of a sudden an iPad lands in front of you.) Of course we know how to use it for games, but do we know how to use Glogster EDU, Mindmeister, or even Dipity? All of these are tools that can be used in the classroom to enhance your experience!

“I don’t care,” someone might say, but we should. Many students today might not care – life to them might just be about having fun, but technology can make life fun and learning even more fun!

Glogster EDU allows you to create interactive online posters that include texts, graphics, sounds, and a whole lot more. For all you Public Relations lovers, this app is just for you. Why don’t we get it into the classroom? Especially for future PR professionals who can benefit from this and ultimately learn, early on, whether they want to be in PR?

America is all about planning, mapping out the future, and getting ahead, but why is our education, especially in North Carolina, so lacking? We need to accept the fact that we are on a one-way train track and we aren’t getting off any time soon. Technology is coming and it’s coming fast!

Instead of slapping kids with games and apps just for fun, how about we give them something fun that enhances their abilities, increases creative thinking and problem solving, and promotes independent analysis? Let’s get students to do something for the world and their community, let them shine, and let them grow. Technology is interactive. It puts the student in a seat to be “with” the teacher rather than being passive and just globing up information from the teacher.

We all have realized that experience is one of the best learning methods. Technology use IS experience. Let’s learn together; Digital Learning Day is coming. March 13th 2015.


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