Apple Plans to Build $848 billion Solar Plant

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is planning their next big thing. It is said to be their “biggest and boldest project ever” (Cook). Apple has decided to partner up with First Solar to build a $848 billion dollar solar plant that is 1,300 acres in size in Monterey County in San Francisco. The purpose of this plant is to power Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, its data center in Newark, California, all Apple offices and 52 Apple stores in California. It seems as though Apple is going more green! Additionally, going green will also save Apple significant energy costs.

But, before we go any further, we need to discuss The Solar Project (a.k.a First Solar). First Solar paired up with the California Flats Project to provide energy solutions to people of California. Below is a video that describes First Solar.

This project can change the world, and the fact that Apple is beginning this project on such as scale as they are doing, makes it noticeable not only to us, but to the people of America and the world. Solar energy is nothing new, ladies and gentleman, but has not taken hold. Thanks to Apple taking time to invest in Solar Energy it just may well be the main energy source within the next 100 years. Fossil fuels, a source that continues to dwindle, may be dropped in exchange for solar energy. However, we will not know until the future comes.

Follow this link for more information: Apple Energy 

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