Find My iPhone

Many of us have lost our iPhone at some point in time. Before technological advancements we would frantically search for the phone, hoping that some kind and respectful individual would return the lost device while trying not to lose our sanity.

Thankfully, iPhone has a feature that allows you to find your phone and track it’s whereabouts called “Find my iPhone.”  Please note, that you must have this app downloaded and turned on before you can use it.

Today, we are going through it’s features so we can properly and quickly relocate our iPhones without all the fuss.

First, go to and sign in


Choose “Find My iPhone” amongst the phone’s features.


Sign in once again so it can locate your phone


It will display the vicinity of your phone’s location — an estimate of your phone’s hiding spot could be within 100 yards. Below is the Standard View.


Personally, my favorite is the Satellite view displayed below. This will show you the actual buildings which helps you discover where you may have left your phone and it gives you a better idea as to where the phone Is located.


The only difference between Satellite and Hybrid is that Hybrid will display street names.

Once you see your iPhone on the map, click on the green button that is shown as your iPhone and then the “I” in the white box that appears. When you do this, the image displayed below will appear:


You have three options:

1) Play a sound — which is an extremely loud bing that continually goes off until a passcode is put into the phone.

2) Lost Mode — this turns on lost mode, allowing you to put a code on your phone (if you didn’t have one previously), send a message to the phone stating something similar to “This iPhone has been lost, please call (xxx) xxx-xxxx.”

3) Erase — Which takes everything on your iPhone and erases its contacts, pictures, apps, etc. Don’t worry, if you have an iCloud backup stored previously then you’ll be able to restore your information!

Not only that, but the application will allow you to see how much battery life you have; this is important because once your battery dies, all hope is lost. The application will no longer work once the battery is turned off or dead.


I hope this helped and that the next time you lose your iPhone, you can use this app to find it without all the panic!

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