Introducing Read & Write Gold!

Hello Angels! We’re here again to tell you about a great program available to all Meredith Students called Read & Write Gold!

Do you ever read a page in your textbook, only to realize you didn’t pay any attention to what you were reading? Read & Write Gold can help! With its text-to-voice feature, you can have your electronic textbooks read to you, and it even highlights as it reads to help you pay attention and follow along.


Need to take notes? Use the Study Skills toolbar to highlight in several colors, and even extract highlighted sections into a new word document for easy research organization!


Read & Write Gold can also help you with writing by providing word prediction, definitions, and more. It can also convert text to mp3 so you can study on the go with audio notes!

To download and install:

  1. Login to MyMeredith
  2. Under My Courses select TECH_SOFTWARE and enroll if you have not done so
  3. Select Read&Write Gold in the left menu
  4. Choose the appropriate file for your computer and operating system
  5. Unzip the downloaded file, and if using Windows run the file called “Setup.exe”
  6. Follow the directions on installer


Read & Write Gold is managed by Disabilities Services. If you have trouble downloading or installing this program, contact For help using the software, check out Read & Write Gold’s in-program help feature.

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