Tech To Weather A Storm

SNOW DAY!!! Well, we’re all hoping at least. The snow has already hit the northeast, and forecasts are calling for snow in Raleigh on Monday or Wednesday. However, snow days are all fun and games until the power fails, then you’re just sitting around in the dark playing Go Fish by the moonlight.

To avoid the disappointment of being cold and bored in the dark, consider picking up some of these tech gadgets to help get you through the oncoming storm.

Portable Phone Batteries/Chargers

Some phones have replaceable batteries that you can charge up and switch out when your other battery dies. For phones that don’t have extra batteries, consider picking up a portable battery with charging capabilities. There are a lot out there that look something like this:

phonechargerThese cute battery bars can be a lifesaver if you don’t have a working outlet to plug your phone into. You can grab these at stores like BestBuy and Walmart.

Flashlights and Battery Candles

Flashlights seem like a no-brainer, but how many of us actually have a fully-charged battery-operated flashlight stocked in our house or, even less likely, in our dorm room? Make sure you have one, it has fresh batteries, and you put it somewhere you can find it easily.purpleflashlight

Don’t like carrying around a flashlight? Back in the day everyone used candles, but they’re a fire hazard and not allowed in the residence halls. Pick up a battery-operated candle! Probably the cutest emergency lighting, you may like it so much that you use it all the time! You can even find some that operate on timers, so you can set it to give you relaxing candlelight every day at 7:00 if you like.


Camp Stoves

Ok, probably not something you can have in the dorms. However, commuters might want to consider getting one of these portable stoves to cook meals when there’s no electricity.campstoveWind-up Radio

Anyone remember these? Lots of us had wind-up radios or TVs when we were younger and our parents didn’t trust us with any electronics that weren’t encased in heavy-duty disaster-grade plastic. In a storm, it’s important to keep up with news and forecasts, which could be impossible if your cable is out and your phone is dead. Getting a wind-up radio will allow you to generate your own electricity to listen to the reports, and give you an arm workout!


Alright angels, with these gadgets you’ll be all set to wait out a power outage. Bring on the snow!!


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