Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Today, at noon Eastern Time, Microsoft began their exciting Windows 10 event in Redmond, Washington! This event was created to give Microsoft a forum to show off their upcoming operating system and showcase its features. Consumers are divided on whether or not they like the current operating system, Windows 8/8.1, so 10’s anticipated release is creating a lot of excitement for those who hope for a huge improvement!

The guest list at the event includes the CEO of Microsoft and Phil Spencer, and the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division. Very important figures could mean very exciting news, and everyone has been guessing at what announcements will be made. Here are some of the top ideas and rumors about what features of Windows 10 will be shown today:

Bye-bye Internet Explorer

Some are saying that Microsoft is doing away with Internet Explorer in favor of a brand new web browser. If so, Windows 10 may not have IE installed at all, or it might be packaged in the background for compatibility with old webpages.


10 on One

It has been believed for many months now that Windows 10 will be an OS upgrade for Xbox One, and Phil Spencer’s presence at the event seems to support that claim. If so, Microsoft will want to make sure 10 is a great operating system or risk alienating both their PC and console users.


Mobile-Only Tiles

One of the biggest visual complaints people have about Windows 8 is the tiled menu. It was very different from the last decade or so of Windows operating systems, and generally people thought it was over-simplified. With Windows 10, the tile menu might be used only on mobile devices, with the PC version back to a more a familiar menu system.


We’ll keep updating this post throughout the day as the event unfolds, so check back to see what we learn about Windows 10!


Update 1:

Free Upgrade

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for the first year for users with Windows 7 or 8.1! There are several reasons why Microsoft might have made this decision, the most obvious being that this will encourage people to upgrade, letting Microsoft off the hook for continuing old support.


A bit like Clippy, a bit like Siri, Window’s Cortana looks to be a great virtual assistant. She is already present on Windows Phones, but will now be available to help you on your PC.


Update 2:


Microsoft really stressed the idea of universal system, shown in Continuum which lets you switch between PC and tablet, even allowing older Windows programs to easily handle the transition from keyboard to touchscreen.

Windows 10 on Mobile

The new operating system will be applied to all Microsoft’s products, including Windows phone and Surfaces. It doesn’t look all that different than the current Windows phone system though.


Update 3:

Project Spartan

Rumor confirmed! IE is officially old tech, and Windows 10 will launch with the new Project Spartan web browser. It might not come with the very first versions of 10 however, and it will come to mobile devices even later. It seems like Microsoft really tried to make this a full-use universal browser, with options for easy sharing on social media and quick saving of content to read while offline.

Game Anywhere

Looks like Microsoft is trying to win over their gamers with 10. Xbox and PC users will be able to play games together from the separate systems, which is something I know I at least am very excited about.


Windows has finally come out with their take on virtual reality – holograms. The HoloLens appears to superimpose holograms over your environment, which could lead to great things for design and business.


Well that looks to be about it for this press event. We’ll have to wait and see how Windows 10 stands up in practice, but for now it looks to be an exciting system.




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