Welcome Back Spring 2015 Angels

Hello Angels,

Welcome back to Meredith College for the Spring semester of 2015. Some of you will be graduating and some of you will continue on as a Meredith student. It is a privilege to write to you as readers who hope to read more and discover more concerning the school and the technology that surrounds the world you live in. We hope you have a successful semester and use your resources to your greatest advantage . To help you start off, we suggest a few apps that will  make your every day life concerning school and other various activities (such as work) a stress-free living environment.

Concerning Scheduling 

1) Description 

With this app you put your schedule in, but you also key in when you arrive your scheduled appointments and when you leave your scheduled appointments. That way you compare where you are spending your time and whether you are spending your time wisely and where you need it to be. It is effective, but can be time consuming and inaccurate. Let’s face it — we will forget to key in and key out on several occasions.

2) Sunrise Calendar 

This is my personal favorite. I use this for all of my appointments, work, school, small meetings, tasks and all other assignments. You see, I have 2 jobs and I go to school full time while also being President of a club. I am a busy woman; therefore, I need something that will help me handle all of my tasks. If you want that, then this is the app for you. However, the only downside I see is that I cannot carry it with me via. mobile in an “app” form. It runs from a desktop or a laptop.

3) Cozi Calendar (great for families)

I used this a long time ago when I needed to communicate my schedule with various people. In particular, I needed it to inform my family of my whereabouts. This app is excellent in getting your general and specific calendar appointments up for everyone to see. That way the family can communicate what times are available for everyone; therefore, making it easier to spend time with them, set dinner appointments, set vacation dates or free Friday nights. You can even do this with people outside of the family such as friends.

4) Cal 

This is by far a phenomenal award-winning app that works with several apps under “any.do” Therefore, if you have things you manage under any app run by “any.do” this calendar will sync with those apps and keep everything in one place. It will also sync with your phone (specifically Google).The interface is incredibly smooth and user friendly and will organize your days events, regardless how busy, in a way that creates less stress for you.

I encourage all of you to try one of these apps that best fits your lifestyle. 

It is essential to organize in a world like today. Without organization we can crash and burn both physically and mentally and we don’t want that now do we?

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