Spray-On Clothing

Spray paint clothing has become incredibly popular within the media and world today. As we know, we have seen several people attempt spray on clothing and walk the streets of heavily populated areas to test whether or not people noticed if the person was wearing real clothes or spray paint clothing. The photo below show these tests.

However, there is new trend taking storm called Fabrican — spray on clothes that turns into FABRIC. Yes — actual fabric. The spray comes out in a form similar to “silly string” and the molecules within the substance turns into fabric. Once water hits the substance it dissolves and returns to its initial state and can thus be reused.

Research for this product has been in progress for over 15 years, and was created by engineer Paul Luckham. However, there are set-backs:

  1. You can’t wear this clothing in the rain or it dissolves.
  2. You can’t spray the clothing on yourself — it would have to be done by another person.

However, technology is increasingly becoming used in all aspects of life, including the fashion industry. Below you will see some designs done by clothing designers using Fabrican.





The pictures were not taken by our team, but you can find more information regarding Fabrican at this site: http://www.bitrebels.com/technology/spray-on-clothing-technology-fabric/


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