Things You Love Are Made With Code

Google has begun this initiative to inspire girls from all over the country, and all across the world to learn how to code. They’re quote “Things you love are made with code” is there go-to campaign. The beautiful part about code is that you can create, dream, and manifest things you would see in your dreams! With code, you can be an inventor of your own and use code towards obtaining your goals and exceed your limitations.

Google, in an effort to inspire girls and women, has created The Holidays are Made with Code. This involves lighting up your own tree using code and with your code your tree can be lit and seen in the nations capitol.

Not only that, but Google also offers these options for coding:


This is only the beginning for coding, but you can do anything in the world with code. You can even pursue your dreams.

Look below at the amazing stories of women who have achieved far beyond their own expectations and have used code to get there.

This year let’s inspire our women, especially Meredith College women who are Going Strong, to light a Christmas Tree in the Nations Capitol and so much more!

Follow this link to code your own Christmas Tree lights:


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